Sell more sweatshirts.

Beloved Shirts is a startup that was born in a basement with just a website, Facebook page, and an Instagram account. I was employee #3, doing just about anything that involved marketing or advertising, writing all consumer-facing stuff we put out.

Sharing weirdness with the world. Katy Perry saw our stuff on Instagram and then had to have it, which earned us a ton of media because nobody had seen a pizza onesie before.

static1.squarespace copy.png

But even before that, Buzzfeed gave us our first big break (click to see the article)

Our Holiday campaigns rocked, earning $117k in sales our first Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend (remember, out of the basement with just our social media accounts—no paid media), and $206k the next year (this time in a warehouse).

video: Jamie Robison

Here are a few of my designs.

Here's an example of a post I wrote (good view of the company's voice). Read the bottom comment—haha @zerbz85

Then, to further the story, my friend bought a Bentley and wrapped it in our watermelon print much to the disbelief of everyone who has ever seen it. 

We had pretty good sales our first year, but then we grew that revenue 70% (to $2.5m) the next year—with just a few social media accounts.