School: BYU. Creative track. 

Internship: DigitasLBi. Worked on Comcast. Sold a million things. Just kidding, only sold a billboard, but learned a million things.

First gig: Beloved Shirts. Employee #3. Helped create a voice for the company and some social campaigns that actually worked. 

Second gig: VML. Worked on Ford. On a day when I wasn't working on Ford, I sold a rap for a new business pitch that helped the agency win AOR status. 

Third gig: R&R Partners. Working in an old house, in an old neighborhood, around the corner from an old church. One week I wrote a newsletter for a bakery, the next I wrote a storybook, next week I might just sell a TV spot. Wish me luck.

Email: jacobgerstner@gmail.com