Life is better with Tic Tac on the Track.

Problem: millennials don't care about Tic Tac.

Art DIrector: Steffany Beddes



What if we positioned the sound a box of Tic Tacs makes as something cool?

:60 Radio

[SFX] people huddled around on a street corner talking.
one person begins to make a beat using voice and a container of Tic Tac
[man rapping] “on my tic tac flow, I’m unstoppable though, like the dog or the boot, i get paid to pass go, oh no, the cops and the sirens they glow, but they can’t stop nothing that is still shaking oh. these poets, slow moving faces, they’re stoics, they got fire in their bellies they’re just waiting to blow it. so shake it up, and then do it again, if you got tic tacs then your day doesn’t end. it begins. “
[SFX] crowd-- ahhhhh, ohhhhh, dayyyyyyyung

[VO] to hear your favorite artists featuring tic tac on the track, head to your day featuring tic tac


We'd invite major-label artists (across all genres) to rethink the rhythm on some of their most popular songs. Listen below for the subtle tic tac change to some radio favorites.


A natural fit for the great content we were making with Tic Tac. People could subscribe to stations and playlists, as well as share them with their friends. 


Anyone can get involved at; remixing the rhythm sections from their favorite songs. 


It only makes sense to be where the music is, so sponsoring a stage at festivals throughout the summer will be a great way to spread the message that life really is better with Tic Tac on the track.