Way to Quit


Quitting smoking is hard. Getting people to quit is pretty hard too. 

We run yearly campaigns to help people realize the ways smoking can ruin their lives. Most of the time tobacco users try to quit for their kids, but we wanted them to know that smoking could affect their pets just as much. So, we made videos of animals smoking (digitally, of course). Concept by Destin Cox. Filmed and edited by Jordan Oliver. Written by me. 

See it in CA here.

Imagine being an organ in the body of someone who smokes. Brett Smith had the idea. Me & Ryan Izant wrote the spot and Destin Cox worked creative direction.

With the right tools, you can do anything. I wrote, Jordan Oliver and Carter Fawcet filmed, edited and produced. 

If you’re not mad at Big Tobacco, you’re not paying attention. I worked on this campaign and helped write for the video, website, posters, etc.

Watch the video (Made by the amazing Destin Cox & Carter Fawcett, written by me). We screened it at Sundance on the side of a building in downtown SLC.